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Unakite Pyramid | Metaphysical Crystals | 40mm

Unakite Pyramid | Metaphysical Crystals | 40mm

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General Information

Unakite is a metamorphic rock that forms when granite (an igneous rock) is altered by hydrothermal metamorphism. During metamorphism, plagioclase in the granite is replaced by epidote to produce a rock composed primarily of green epidote, pink orthoclase, and clear to milky quartz.

Holistic Healing

Spiritual and emotional balancer. Believed to facilitate re-birthing processes, and provide calm and soothing energy during times of rebirth or recovery. Associated with bringing abundance and new life to your world.

 Metaphysical Traditions

A fertility stone. Historically used in relation to the reproductive system and pregnancy. Believed to be a helpful hormonal crystal, and is often kept close during pregnancy and childbirth. 


Unakite pyramid base measures 40mm by 40 mm. These pyramids are of very consistent size, normally only varying by 2 millimetres either way.

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