There are many reasons for using incense; from setting the mood for a ritual, spell or before divination. In addition to setting the mood, incense is burned to purify a space, item, offerings to your deities and to amplify intentions while carrying out your practice.

Different scents, just like stones are used to amplify different intentions, below is a basic list:

•    Cinnamon: love, protection, prosperity, money, amplifies any ritual or spell

•    Coconut: love and chastity (polarity), protection, fertility

•    Dragon’s Blood: protection, amplifies effects of rituals and divination

•    Frankincense: prosperity, growth, confidence, as offering to gods

•    Jasmine: love, peace, increase intuition, burn during divination, moon magic, offering to moon goddesses

•    Lavender: soothing, calming vibes, beauty, love, purification, relieve anxiety, sleep, dream magic

•    Myrrh: ancient Egyptian magic, offering to gods

•    Nag Champa: amplifies ritual and great for meditation

•    Patchouli: lust, passion, romance

•    Rose: love, self-love, protection, healing, purification, connection to maternal ancestors

•    Sage: cleansing and purification, protection

•    Sandalwood: pleasing to the spirits, consecration, healing, sacred to Hinduism

•    Strawberry: offering to the goddess, romance and passion, love, connect/open root and sacral chakras