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Tripurasundari 7 Day Candle | Spiritual Ritual Candle | Religious Candle | Scented Candle

Tripurasundari 7 Day Candle | Spiritual Ritual Candle | Religious Candle | Scented Candle

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7 day ritual candle picturing the Goddess Tripurasundari

Great for your altar and dedication to the Goddess.

Comes in multiple scents;

Red - Cassia, Clove and Nutmeg Essential Oils
Orange - Cedar, Spruce and Rosemary essential oils
Yellow - Bergamot, Lime and Grapefruit Essential Oils
Green - Lavandin, Orange and Tangerine Essential Oils
Blue - Moroccan Rose and Chamomile Essential Oils
Indigo - Lavender, Fir and Chamomile Essential Oils
Purple - Patchouli, Labdanum and Frankincense with Essential Oils
Black - Cedar Wood / Juniper and  Lavender Mix
White -  Fragranced with 100% pure Myrhh essential oil

Size: Approximately 19cm tall and 5.2cm in diameter.Burn Time: Approximately 100 hours.

Made from pure stearin wax (also known as Palm Wax), this candle has a burn time of approximately 100 hours! To read more about palm wax, please see below.

About Palm Wax
These candles are produced out of 100 % stearin or palm wax. Stearin is a renewable resource that always can be replanted. It makes the candle burn very clean and smokeless. The wick used is pure cotton. As a result you will have a very steady bright flame and no waste-product as the candle burns itself out. The candle is paraffin free. It has no metal-lead or zinc-contents. Neither has it any animal derived ingredients.

100% pure natural Palm Wax is made from fruit berries of the palm oil tree. This same high quality palm tree oil can be found in hand lotions, shampoos and cosmetics. It’s the purest non-GMO food quality wax. Palm Wax is made just like essential oils simply pressed and distilled. Soy and paraffin candles involve solvent extraction using petroleum chemicals like hexane.
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