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The Pendle Witch Trials of 1612 | Witch Trials | Witchcore

The Pendle Witch Trials of 1612 | Witch Trials | Witchcore

17th Century Witches in the Lancashire Hills

The book provides readers with a sequential overview of the famous chain of events that ultimately led to the execution of women accused of practising witchcraft in the county of Lancashire. It is presented as a chronological account of the famous trials at Lancaster Castle in 1612. This book introduces the evidence and interview transcripts that formed the major plank of the prosecution case and will appeal to both the general reader and local historian.

"In David Holding's 'The Pendle Witch Trials of 1612' the writer has delivered a compelling account of the lives of two Pendle families, the 'Pendle Witches'. Living in the isolated villages of the Pendle area, they were the central personalities in W. H, Ainsworth's The Lancashire Witches. Holding's account of the Pendle Witches shows the depth of belief in the power of witchcraft over the lives of ordinary villagers living in the remote areas of Lancashire. This is set in a definitive account of the seventeenth century legal system. It is this system which tried and ultimately judged the Pendle Witches. David Holding's extensive research into local history combined with a fair and balanced account of the beliefs and superstitions present in seventeenth century Lancashire will appeal both to the general reader and to those with to local historians alike." - John F Henry

Dr David Holding studied history at Manchester University before entering the teaching profession in the 1970s. He taught in both state and independent sectors. During this time, he continued historical research culminating in both a Master's degree and a Doctorate. Having previously studied law, David gained a Master of Law degree in Medical Law, which enabled him to transfer to teaching legal courses at university. Since retiring, David has concentrated his research and writing on various aspects of local history, legal trials, forensic science and medico-legal topics.

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