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Shungite Egg | Crystal Healing | Metaphysical Crystals |

Shungite Egg | Crystal Healing | Metaphysical Crystals |

General Information

Shungite is a rare black stone made of up to 99 percent carbon. It’s mainly found in Shunga, a village in Karelia, Russia.

The stone has a unique composition. It contains fullerenes, or 3-D spherical molecules made of 60 carbon atoms. These molecules are hollow and sometimes called buckyballs. Another cool thing about Shungiteis that it consists of nearly all the minerals on the periodic table

Shungite truly is a mysterious stone. Its origin baffles scientists to this day. Typically, materials made of carbon come from decayed organic substances like old forests. But the stone is thought to be at least 2 billion years old. This is before organic life existed on the planet.

Some scientists believe a large meteorite collided into Earth and deposited shungite into the ground. Others that shungite formed due to microorganisms in nearby water

Metaphysical Properties

Shungite is the crystal of grounding, detoxification, and neutralization. To many crystal enthusiasts, the meaning of shungite ranges from physical protection to spiritual protection from draining or harmful energetic forces.

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