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Pink Rose Buds | 30g | Herbs | Spell Reagent | Herbwork | Rootwork |

Pink Rose Buds | 30g | Herbs | Spell Reagent | Herbwork | Rootwork |

Flowers have played a part in witchcraft for hundreds of years, their magical properties believed by witches and apothecaries to improve our lives in many ways.

Roses have been associated with the mystic since Ancient Greek times, where they were attributed to Aphrodite. It was said that when Hector was slain at Troy by Achilles, his blood sprouted white roses on the beach from which the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, rose (excuse the pun).

The connection to love play a massive role in how roses are portrayed in witchcraft. Witches and apothecaries believed rose petals warded off evil, and that they were good luck charms to those that carried them.


Herbs can be used in many helpful ways. Use them for baths, infusions, tinctures, oils, to dress candles add to incense, soaps, crafts, mojo bags and more.

Please do your own research about toxicity and uses.
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