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Mugwort | 30g in Jar | Herb | Herbwork | Spell Reagent

Mugwort | 30g in Jar | Herb | Herbwork | Spell Reagent

General Information

Historically, mugwort has been used in traditional systems of medicine in different parts of the world. Today, mugwort taken orally (by mouth) is promoted for digestive problems, irregular menstruation, and high blood pressure. It is also promoted as a sedative, laxative, and liver tonic.

Use in the Craft

This herb, also known as a psychic/lunar herb, is said to enhance divination and psychic dreaming. It is purported to have protective properties. In European folklore, Mugwort shields against injury, fatigue, and poisons. Romans would put this herb on their shoes to ward off fatigue on long journeys.

In modern magic, mugwort’s main use is for psychic visions and prophetic dreams. This herb does have psychoactive properties that induce lucid dreaming and astral travelling. Mugwort is said to help confront difficult truths.


Herbs can be used in many helpful ways. Use them for baths, infusions, tinctures, oils, to dress candles add to incense, soaps, crafts, mojo bags and more.

All herbs are sold as a curios and not for consumption. Please do your own research about toxicity and uses. Information is for educational purposes only

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