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Linden Flowers | 30g | Herbs | Spell Reagent | Herbwork | Rootwork |

Linden Flowers | 30g | Herbs | Spell Reagent | Herbwork | Rootwork |

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General Information

Linden is a common name for trees belonging to the Tilia genus. The dried flower, leaves, and wood are used for medicine. People use linden for conditions such as colds, headache, trouble sleeping (insomnia), itchy skin, and many others, but there is no good scientific evidence to support these uses.

Use in the Craft

Linden is the essence of love and compassion, the Green Tara of trees. It can be used to meditate on the Mother energy and to celebrate the mother aspect of the Great Goddess. It represents love in action, compassion and caring. It can be used to meditate on spiritual and transcendental love and to open the heart chakra. Its protective and healing energy is well suited to any healing ritual. Linden protects against demons that torture the mind with anguish and fear.


Herbs can be used in many helpful ways. Use them for baths, infusions, tinctures, oils, to dress candles add to incense, soaps, crafts, mojo bags and more.

All herbs are sold as a curios and not for consumption. Please do your own research about toxicity and uses. Information is for educational purposes only

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