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Fennel | 75g | Herbs | Spell Reagent | Herbwork | Rootwork |

Fennel | 75g | Herbs | Spell Reagent | Herbwork | Rootwork |

General Information

Adding them to your diet may improve heart health, reduce inflammation, suppress appetite, and even provide anticancer effects. To reap the benefits of fennel and its seeds, try incorporating raw fennel bulb into your salads or using the seeds to flavor soups, broths, baked goods, and fish dishes.

Use in the Craft

Used in Spell work relating to;

  • Strength,
  • Vitality,
  • Virility,
  • Protection.
  • Healing,
  • Purification,
  • Prevents curses -problems and possession


Herbs can be used in many helpful ways. Use them for baths, infusions, tinctures, oils, to dress candles add to incense, soaps, crafts, mojo bags and more.

All herbs are sold as a curios and not for consumption. Please do your own research about toxicity and uses. Information is for educational purposes only

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