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Benzoin | 50g | Resin | Fragrance | Altar | Cleansing

Benzoin | 50g | Resin | Fragrance | Altar | Cleansing

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Presented in a nice cork bottle, 50g.

Benzoin Resin is obtained from cut tree trunks of the genus styrax, growing in East Asia and India. 

Both the styrax itself and the smoke from its combustion have an intense, pleasant aroma, reminiscent of vanilla. It has a relaxing and harmonizing effect, but also euphoric and sensual.

Resin is incense in its purest and most natural form. The resins are collected from the sap, roots, bark or wood of trees, shrubs and plants. 

Unlike traditional incense sticks, the resin does not burn by itself. It requires charcoal tablets to heat it and a traditional burner to burn it safely.  

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