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Beltane Ritual Offering Kit | Spell Kit | Offering Kit | Altar Kit

Beltane Ritual Offering Kit | Spell Kit | Offering Kit | Altar Kit

Beltane is a long-established celebration, focussing on fertility – and yes, we DO mean ‘the birds and the bees’ sort of fertility here, but it can, of course, be approached as a time to re-energise ourselves and stoke those creative fires too, and we’ve created this kit with that in mind – a chance to re-energise and feel inspired.

We’ve put together this kit which will take you through a ritual, as well as giving you all the recipes (where possible) to re-create the ritual again.

Kit Contents
In this box, you will find:
• Orange Chime / spell candles
• 2 x vials of Beltane Oil
• 1 x bag of Beltane Herbs
• 1 x vial of Moon Water
• 1 x vial of Consecrated Salt
• 1 x mini May Pole, ready for you to decorate further if you desire – you may wish to add a crystal or silk / dried flower to the top to personalise it, or decorate the body of the pole with symbols. The colours of the ribbons of the May Pole have been carefully selected to align with suitable intentions, and you can decide to focus on one in particular, or up to three.
• 1 x Maypole / Slim candle stand
• 1 x vial of Beltane Resins - resins create a lot of smoke, so use with care!
• 1 x charcoal block
• 1 x brass incense holder, suitable for both cones and for charcoal blocks with loose incense
• 3 x Carnelian tumble stone
• 1 x Palo Santo stick (to burn if desired, or use as an Altar dressing)

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